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Customer questions & answers

. —Question:My address is ×××, how long will it take to deliver to my home? Do I need to pay additional shipping and customs duties?
—Answer:If your address is in an EU country, we can ship to you from the Spanish warehouse. It only takes 7 days to be delivered. Free shipping and no tariffs.If your address is the US/Canada, we can ship to you from the US warehouse. It only takes 7-14 days to be delivered. Canada needs to pay additional tariffs, and we will reduce the declared amount for you to reduce tariffs. Free shipping in the United States, no tariffs.
If your address is in another country, please contact our customer service. We will reply you as soon as possible.

2.—Question: What is the maximum speed and maximum distance of this scooter?
—Answer: The maximum speed of this scooter is 45-50KM/H, and the maximum distance is 100KM.

3.—Question: What type of scooters’ tires are?
—Answer: The tires of this scooter are 10-inch pneumatic tires

4.—Question: Can scooters be speed limited?
—Answer: Yes, this scooter can be limited to speed below 25KM/H

5.—Question: I need a scooter without a seat, but the options you provide are all with seats.
—Answer: Don’t worry, the seat of our scooter is detachable. When you do not need to use it, the seat can be removed. You can install it again when you need it.

6.—Question: How about the scooter’s warranty?
—Answer: We will provide every buyer with a one-year warranty. During this period, as long as your scooter is damaged, we will reissue new parts for free and help you fix it.If you have other questions, please contact our customer service. We will reply you as soon as possible.

7.—Question: If I want to replace the parts of the scooter, where can I get it?
—Answer: We are the manufacturer of this scooter, and we can provide most of the parts. We will send you a link, you just need to click to buy.

8.—Question: Does the scooter have a turn signal function?
—Answer: Yes, in order to comply with European laws, this scooter has a turn signal function.