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How do I know if hub motor fits for my bike?

This hub motor fits for the bike with front drop out size “100-105mm”, and rear drop out size “135mm” fits for max 6/7 speed rotary flywheel.

Is my brake a hydraulic brake. Should I choose the brake lever or the sensor line?

If you have a hydraulic brake, you can choose the brake sensor cable, which is easier to install.

Packing List:

1 PCS * Front/Rear Hub Motor Wheel(Note if the picture on the options includes spokes and rims)

1 PCS * Motor Extension Cable

1 PCS * DC Controller

1 PCS * Controller Box or Bag

1 PCS * Display( 36V 250W/350W/500W use 810LED/861LCD, 48V 500W/1500W/2000W use SW900LCD, 48V 1000W use W108LCD)

1 Pair * Brake Levers or Brake Sensors (Default brake lever in European warehouse)

1 PCS * Thumb/ Half twist/Full twist Throttle (Default thumb throttle in European warehouse)

1 PCS * Upgraded 12 Magents Pedal Assistant Sensor


1 PCS * Waterproof 1T4 Cable

1 PCS * Headlight

Motor Specification:

1. Full Speed: 36V/48V 250/350/500W about 25-40km/hour,

48V 1000W about 45-55km/h,

48V 1500W about 50-60km/h,

48V 2000W about 55-65km/h

(different wheel size, road&weather condition and rider’s weight will have different speed)

2. Hub Motor:Brushless gear Hub Motor for 36V/48V 250/350/500W

Brushless Non-gear Hub Motor for 48V 1000W/1500W/2000W

3. Rim: Double-wall Aluminium Alloy Rim

4. Wheel Bottom bracket: Front 100-105mm, Rear 135mm

5. Torque: 30/33/45 for 250W 350W 500W

55-59NM for 1000W

63-65NM for 1500W

68-71NM for 2000W

6. RPM:320/320/350 for 250W/350W/500W

470 for 48V 1000W

487 for 48V 1500W

540 for 48V 2000W

7. The motor is suitable for thread freewheel, not suitable for cassette. If you need a motor suitable for cassette, please contact us


Functions of LED Display:
Power switch control (electric door lock function)
Power display
Three-speed boost intensity control
Headlight switch control
Automatic sleep when idle for 10 minutes
Functions of LCD861 Display:
Function of Display
Speed display, Assistance display, Battery indicator, Problems prompt,
Mileage, Accumulative mileage, Cruise constant speed, Braking
, indicator, Headlight display
Function of Control and Setting
Power switch control — Front light switch control — 6Km/h inching control — Real time cruise control
Wheel diameter’s setting — 5 mode assistance’s
setting — Highest speed setting — Automatic dormancy time setting Backlight brightness setting — startup mode, drive mode is set — power
sensitivity setting — dynamical disk type voltage grade setting — controller set current limiting values

Overview of SW900 Display:

1) UART protocol:  Equipped with independent press buttons

2) Speed:Real-time SPEED,MAX SPEED, Average SPEED

3) kmh/mile:Kmh/MPH according to habit

4) Battery level:Indicates the battery level in real time

5) Head light control:Press button to power on/off

6) Back light adjustment:3-level adjustment

7) Assist level:From 0 to 5, press button to change assist level, 0-no assist, 5-default value

8) Distance:ODO/Trip/Driving duration

9) Error code:Please refer to appendix table 1 for definition

10) 6km mode:In this mode, it will display “WALK” on the screen

11)Parameter setting:Set parameters, such as: wheel size, speed limit etc

Controller Specification:

6 mosfet controller
Fit for: 36V 250W motor wheel ,810LED/861LCD Display
Rated current: 14A ,Max voltage protection: 29A±0.5V
Size: 103*68*34mm

12 mosfet controller
Fit for: 36V 350W/500W, 48V 500W motor wheel,861LCD/SW900 Display
Rated current: 20A , Max voltage protection: 39A±0.5V

Size: 103*68*34mm

18 mosfet controller
Fit for: 48V 1000W motor wheel ,W108 Display
Rated current: 28A , Max current: 41.5±1V
Size: 144*52.33*30mm

18 mosfet controller
Fit for: 48V 1500W/2000W motor wheel ,SW900 Display
Rated current: 40A , Max current: 45±1V

Upgraded 12 Magents Pedal Assistant Sensor:


Thumb/ Half twist/Full twist Throttle (Default thumb throttle in European warehouse)

Power cut-off Brake lever

If you have a hydraulic brake, you can choose the brake sensor cable, which is easier to install. Only ship from China.


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