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Jueshuai is a well established maker of electric bike motors and offers a front/rear hub based motor, if  you’re not a fan of the bulky profile a mid motor conversion system creates. You can buy this kit .    
Advantage of Hub Motor:
1. Power saving. In-wheel electric vehicles are more power-efficient and efficient. Since the in-wheel motor is directly driven by the front/rear wheels, there is no energy loss during the transmission process, saving more power!
2. Low wear.When the hub motor is running, the current is relatively uniform, and it relies on electromagnetic induction to operate, with low noise and low wear.
3. Simple maintenance.The motor is not easy to burn out, the installation and disassembly are more convenient, and the maintenance is simple.


1. How do I know if this hub drive motor fits for my bike?

Re: The rear hub motor fits for the bike with rear drop out size “135mm”, The front hub motor fits for the bike with front drop out size “100mm”.

2. How to know the rim is suitable for my tire?

Re: Check the item description below, there has the information about rim.

3. My bike is 28 inch, which one could I choose?

Re: Mostly, you could choose the 700C rim (inner diameter- 598mm, outer diameter- 652mm). But you Could send us the detailed specification of your tire for confirmation.

4. My bike is 29 inch, which one could I choose?

Re: Following 29 inch can choose the 700C rim.

5. Does the kit include the battery?

Re: Yes, this kit include the downtube battery and charger.

6. Is my brake a hydraulic brake. Should I choose the brake lever or the sensor line?

Re: If you have a hydraulic brake, you can choose the brake sensor cable, which is easier to install.

7. What kind of flywheel can be installed?

Re: The motor is suitable for thread freewheel, not suitable for cassette. If you need a motor suitable for cassette, please contact us.

 Packing List:

1 PCS * Front/Rear Hub Motor With Rim & Spokes
1 PCS * Motor Extension Cable
1 PCS * Kettle battery built in 18650 cells (36V10Ah Chinese domestic batteries, 36V12Ah Samsung brand)
1 PCS * Battery Charger (Europe Standerd, If you are not European, we will add conversion plug. )
1 PCS * Motor Controller
1 PCS * Controller Box
1 PCS * Display( 810LED, 861LCD)
1 Pair * Brake Levers or Brake Sensors (Default brake lever in European warehouse)
1 PCS * Thumb/ Half twist/Full twist Throttle (Default thumb throttle in European warehouse)
1 PCS * 12 Magents PAS Sensor
1 PCS * Waterproof 1T4 Cable
1 PCS * Headlight

Warm Tips:

1, Due to the particularity of the battery, some motors and batteries are not in the same warehouse, so you may receive more than one package. If there are not all products in the package you received, please do not open dispute or bad reviews first, please contact us for confirmation.
2. When using the motor kit, please make sure that the battery key is locked, otherwise the discharge port is easily burned out.

Motor Specification:

1. Full Speed: 36V 250/350/500W about 35-45km/hour,

(different wheel size, road&weather condition and rider’s weight will have different speed)

2. Hub Motor:Brushless gear Hub Motor for 36V 250/350/500W

3. Rim: Double-wall Aluminium Alloy Rim

4. Wheel Bottom bracket: Front 100-105mm, Rear 135mm

5. Torque: 30/33/45 for 250W 350W 500W

6. RPM:320/320/350 for 250W/350W/500W

How to Measure a Bicycle Wheel Size
Method 1:If your tire is mounted, you can find the wheel size on the bicycle’s tire.
Method 2: Measure the distance in inches from the ground beneath the tire to the center point of the wheel. This measurement is the wheel’s radius, or half of its diameter. Multiply the length by two in order to calculate the tire’s diameter. With the exception of BMX models, most adult bicycle wheels are between 26 and 29 inches in diameter
Functions of LED Display:
Power switch control (electric door lock function)
Power display
Three-speed boost intensity control
Headlight switch control
Automatic sleep when idle for 10 minutes
Functions of LCD Display:
Function of Display
Speed display, Assistance display, Battery indicator, Problems prompt,
Mileage, Accumulative mileage, Cruise constant speed, Braking
, indicator, Headlight display
Function of Control and Setting
Power switch control — Front light switch control — 6Km/h inching control — Real time cruise control
Wheel diameter’s setting — 5 mode assistance’s
setting — Highest speed setting — Automatic dormancy time setting Backlight brightness setting — startup mode, drive mode is set — power
sensitivity setting — dynamical disk type voltage grade setting — controller set current limiting values
Head Light
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